Duck, Duck, Goose

6/12-The sunsuit is done- just need to fit buttons. I added an extra row of ruffles which really fills out the rear- you can never have enough bottom ruffles! This is one of my favorite patterns.

I decided to redo the ruffle sunsuit in yellow. I want Jane to wear this sunsuit and she looks so beautiful in yellow with all that blond hair. It is the same concept as the previous but with yellow crochet trim, yellow duck embroidered and I decided to trim the ruffles in a yellow rolled edge. A rolled edge on my serger is one of my favorite stitches in conjunction with the ruffler foot on my sewing machine. It certainly can create a nice ruffle effect without having to finish the edges.

I use a 4 thread serger by brother. You will find that if you are really into sewing- a serger really is a nice tool to have. Just be prepared to take a half hour to thread the darn thing!