The Perfect Panties

Victoria’s Secret has the perfect bra- this is the perfect pantie. Every little girl should own a pair of silk batiste panties. The fabric speaks for its self.

Simplicity Sewing Pattern...Girl's Slip Petticoat and Panties...from the 1950s...Age 3

I started another slip pattern that is a decade later than my other slip pattern. This one is Simplicity p  pattern 3296 from 1950’s. In addition to the benefit of working with a printed pattern and using elastic, you get a lot of ruffles in the 50’s.

I am working on the pettiskirt slip and the panties both of which are covered in long strips of ruffles trimmed in beading. I am using silk batiste and a champagne colored satin trim. The waist and leg openings are bunched with elastic. I’m going to get a twin shot of the girls in the slips.

Slip Happy

Vintage McCall Child's Set of  Underwear Pattern 5443--Slip and Onesie-Size 3--from 1943--Rare

I began McCall’s vintage child’s slip and underwear pattern #5543 from year 1943.
This is an oldie but goodie. I just love that these are called underwear. I’m working on the onesie slip (shorts).

I have cut this onesie slip pattern and plan on trying it on one of the girls – mostly out of curiosity. The garment has a very interesting double continuous lap on the sides of the shorts. It also has an interesting “French door” style of opening at the two back panels. These pieces open and close and button onto the waistband. I’m using silk Batiste but any light/thin fabric such as polished cotton or lawn will prove the same result. I’m using double thickness on the fabric so you can’t see through.

It’s hard to believe this pattern is 80 years old and really in such great condition. I’ve actually worked with patterns that have crumbled. I’m working with a non-printed pattern with holes for direction. Wish me luck on getting this double lap and back door opening. If I can figure it out, this surely will be an interesting garment.